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A: Inducing = Fresh Graduates with less than 1 year working experience

Lecturing = Graduate architect who plan to take Part Il exam the next year

Sharing = Graduate architect with minimum 2 year working experience and plan to take Part Il Exam on the same year

Grooming = Candidates who are preparing or resitting for written exam paper

Note: Working Experience only counted from the date you registered yourself as graduate architect with LAM

A: You may do so provided you attended lecturing class or possess adequate body of knowledge. Please drop an email to us for more details, via carol@arplusgroup.com or rien@arplusgroup.com

A: Yes, you are welcome to enroll into more than one class package, as our class schedule are not overlapping in every semester, depending on your need. T&C Applied. Please drop an email to us for more details, via carol@arplusgroup.com or rien@arplusgroup.com

A: You will obtain all the information below:

  1. Softcopy of All relevant Act, contract
  2. Softcopy of LAM Circular and PAM Practice Note
  3. Softcopy of Sample for Certificate, letter and contract
  4. Softcopy of Oral Simulation Test (Sharing & Revision only)
  5. Softcopy of Oral Bank (Sharing & Grooming only)
  6. Softcopy of Past Year Question (Sharing & Grooming only
  7. Softcopy of Written Question and Revision (Grooming only)
  8. Private Community

A: Our current platform for “private group” is via WhatsApp group, only active throughout the package session that you had enrolled for quick communication and updates. Within the one (1) weeks before the class starts,if you are yet to be added into our group, please email to carol@arplusgroup.com / rien@arplusgroup.com / arplus.rien@gmail.com , or contact Ar Rien @ +6017 782 5376 for quicker response.

NOTE: We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or change the platform for “private group” at any time. We assume no responsibility or liability for any interference with or damage relating to this WhatsApp feature however caused.

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