Course advisement

1. Q: How do I select a course?

A: Fret not! Please do not hesitate to provide us the following key information to help you further:

  1. Your full name and current working office
  2. Your working experience from the date you registered as LAM Part 2
  3. Have you attended any class earlier?
  4. Have you submitted your logbook?
  5. What is Your Target Year to sit for Exam?

2. Q: What is the difference of Inducing, Lecturing, Sharing and Grooming?

A:Inducing = Fresh Graduates with less than 1 year working experience

Lecturing = Graduate architect who plan to take Part Il exam the next year

Sharing = Graduate architect with minimum 2 year working experience and plan to take Part Il Exam on the same year

Grooming = Candidates who are preparing or resitting for written exam paper

Note: Working Experience only counted from the date you registered yourself as graduate architect with LAM

3. Q: Can I take sharing class if I am Taking Exam on next year?

A: You may do so provided you attended lecturing class or possess adequate body of knowledge. Please drop an email to us for more details, via carol@arplusgroup.com or rien@arplusgroup.com

4. Q: Can I take more than one class package at a time?

A: Yes, you are welcome to enroll into more than one class package, as our class schedule are not overlapping in every semester, depending on your need. T&C Applied. Please drop an email to us for more details, via carol@arplusgroup.com or rien@arplusgroup.com

5. Q: What do I get upon signing up?

A: You will obtain all the information below:

i. Softcopy of All relevant Act, Contract, LAM Circular

ii. Softcopy of Sample for Certificate, letter and contract

iii. Softcopy of Practice Note & Bomba Guideline

iv. Access to view Relevant Recorded Class

v. Softcopy of Oral Simulation Test (Sharing & Revision only)

vi. Softcopy of Oral Bank (Sharing & Grooming only)

vii. Softcopy of Past Year Question (Sharing & Grooming only)

viii. Softcopy of Written Question and Revision (Grooming only)

ix. AR+ Private Community

Eligibility, enrollment, registration

6. Q: How do I enroll and register?

A: Great to see you taking a leap of faith! Please sign up for “AR+ Class Registration Form” via link: www.arplusgroup.com or https://linktr.ee/arplus  

7. Q: I have registered. What happens next?

A: In one (1) to two (2) weeks time before the class starts, You will then receive a confirmation email with information on when and how you can access your course. And we will add you into our private group for further details. 

8. Q: What is a private group? What would I do if I was not added?

A: Our current platform for “private group” is via WhatsApp group, only active throughout the package session that you had enrolled for quick communication and updates. Within the one (1) weeks before the class starts,if you are yet to be added into our group, please email to carol@arplusgroup.com / rien@arplusgroup.com / arplus.rien@gmail.com , or contact Ar Rien @ +6017 782 5376 for quicker response. NOTE: We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or change the platform for “private group” at any time. We assume no responsibility or liability for any interference with or damage relating to this WhatsApp feature however caused.

9. Q: My payment did not go through. What should I do?

A: We apologize for this inconvenience. We encourage you to reach out to your financial institution as further permissions may be needed to complete the payment. You may want to wait for a full 24 hours before trying again. A strong Internet connection and up-to-date browser are strongly recommended. Please ensure Gmail is used for the registration purposes and check your google drive ifitis stil having sufficient storage. You are also welcome to write to carol@arplusgroup.com for further guidance.

10. Q: Do you provide financial assistance or payment plans?

A: At the moment, we only accept payments (online transfer) from Debit Card, Credit Cards.  3 months Installment Package is provided for candidates with additional handling fee (no discount code can be applied)

Early Bird and Refer Friend Program will help u save up to RM200 or more.

Check out the details in our Social media page and contact us to obtain the coupon.

11. Q: Can I get a refund if I were unable to attend my class?

A: We’re so sorry about that! Please be informed that, NO fee is refundable and there will be no replacement class or credits provided due to individual reason. However, we do have alternative for you to consider, please refer FAQ 33.

12. Q: What if I change my mind and want to drop my class?

A: Oh no! We’re sad to let you go! We’re so sorry about that! Please be informed that, All fees paid are not transferable and not refundable.

13. Q: What if I sign up for instalment plan and want to drop my class?

A: Oh no! We’re sad to let you go! We’re so sorry about that! Please be informed that, All fees paid are not transferable and not refundable. 

14. Q: What if i sign up the class and want to change mode of payment (including HRDC)?

A: (a) Processing Period: It shall within Sixty (60) days upon the cancellation request by applicant and after full payment received from the applicant.

(b) Processing Fee: A processing fee of RM200 will be applicable for ALL type of request above.

15. Q: What happen if the class I enrolled has insufficient students?

A: Please take note that as stated in our advertisement and flyer, the class will only be conducted when there is sufficient number of student enrolled. 

If you have made the payment without consulting our team and the class is not carried out as scheduled, NO refund will be made. The class will be postponed until sufficient number of students achieved. 

16. Q: Can I still enroll if the class package has commenced?

A: You can still register, and our team will advise accordingly based on the enquired date. Please take note no recording class will be provided for the classes you have missed due to late registration, unless otherwise you had purchased together with the add-on service (if there is any)

17. Q: Can I still switch class if I find that I cannot cope with the initial class that I enrolled in?

A: Yes, please write in for such a request via email, within two (2) days after the FIRST scheduled Webinar Event. But please note, there will be a processing fee of RM200 only for all exchange/downgrade submission.

18. Q: I have done the payment but I can not upload the payment receipt in google form. What should I do?

A: Firstly, please make sure you register using gmail as Google drive will be our class server system. Secondly, please ensure your google drive has sufficient storage before you upload the payment receipt. Third, please upload the receipt in pdf format less than 1MB. If The above 3 stages still do not work, please email us at carol@arplusgroup.com cc to rien@arplusgroup.com and we will look into it.

The Online Class Experience

19. Q: How do I access my class?

A: AR+, our online learning platform, we will notify you before your class start date via email calendar invites. In the meantime, You can sign up for a free Zoom account at https://zoom.us/signin

20. Q: How long is my course?

A: Check the course dates listed online prior to registration. Any changes to the time table will be updated through calendar invite or email.

21. Q: Who will be the lecturer for the online class?

A: Currently all classes are conducted by Ar. Rien, Ar. Jeremy and team.The mock up Exam will have an external panel ( Architects) joining the group to provide further input.

22. Q: Do I need specific equipment to take the online class?

A: You should have up-to-date software — Zoom & Whatsapp

A: You should also register an account in https://myquiz.org/ for the online pop quiz session.

A: Webcam, our class requires students to turn on the webcam for attendance and in-class interaction.

23.Q: Do I need to purchase any reference book?

A: All the reference materials you are required to access are included in softcopy format and are included with your registered package.

24. Q: If I am unable to attend the class, is there any class replacement or recording for me?

A: There is NO class replacement or recording provided. Recording is only provided for our internal usage. However, soft copy of notes and Q&A during the next class will be provided. For further discussion, please email to carol@arplusgroup.com / rien@arplusgroup.com , or contact Ar Rien @ +6017 782 5376. 

Part III Exam require determination and commitment. We hope you will commit to the schedule that we have provided to you earlier.

25. Q: How do I contact technical support during my class?

A: For technical support, please email to carol@arplusgroup.com / rien@arplusgroup.com , or contact Ar Rien @ +6017 782 5376

HRDC Claimable Course (For Corporate/ Employer)

25. Q: What is HRD Corp (HRDC) Claimable Courses?

A: HRD Corp Claimable Courses is a dedicated programme designed to assist Employers in retraining and upskilling their employees in line with their operational and business requirements. (https://hrdcorp.gov.my/hrdcorp-claimable-courses)

26. Q: Are all ARPLUS courses HRDC Claimable Courses?

A: Yes, all courses which include Inducing, Lecturing, Sharing, and Grooming are HRDC Claimable Courses, taught by our HRD Corp Accredited Trainers. However, it is only applicable for the following conditions:

a) You are a company/ employer with minimum of ten (10) or more Malaysian employees and registered with HRD Corp.

b) Your group of trainees will attend the the full programme of the course (i.e. Lecturing Programme) if your levy balance/ budget allows.

c) Your group of trainees does not exceed 25 pax per group. If otherwise, please arrange with us to accommodate different group/s.

d) Your company has contributed enough levy balance in e-TRIS system to apply grants for the desired HRDC course.

If all the above is checked, you may further contact us carol@arplusgroup.com  or rien@arplusgroup.com for quotation and assistance on grant application to claim on the levy balance. Terms & Conditions applied.

27. Q: I am an employee and I want to sign up under this program, How should I do?

A: As HRD program is under the employer’s responsibility, we suggest your employer or your admin to contact us or HRD Corp for more information required. We need to know the employee that is going to enrolled into our program with their name and the courses that they intend to sign up. 

Meanwhile, your admin will have to write to us at carol@arplusgroup.com or rien@arplusgroup.com to obtain the following from us in order for them to submit to HRDC:

i. Brochure

ii. Tentative program

iii. Company profile

iv. Trainer/speaker profle

v. Quotation

Alternatively, you may opt to register and pay at your own expenses which is not HRD Corp program.

28. Q: To pursue HRDC CLAIMABLE COURSES for my employees, does my company need to register with HRD Corp?

A: The registration of employers is stipulated in the Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Act 2001 (PSMB Act 2001). 

If your company employs a minimum of ten (10) or more Malaysian employees, it is COMPULSORY for you to register with Human Resource Development Corporation (HRD Corp). If your company employs five (5) to nine (9) Malaysian employees, your registration with HRD Corp is optional. For more information, please visit the Expansion of PSMB Act 2001 webpage (https://hrdcorp.gov.my/expansion-of-psmb-act-2001/)

29. Q: What do I do after my registration application as Employer is approved by HRD Corp?

A: Companies that have registered with HRD Corp are responsible to pay a monthly Human Resource Development (HRD) levy of 1% (mandatory category) or 0.5% (optional category) from the company’s monthly wages plus fixed allowances.

By paying the levy, you are eligible to receive assistance through HRD Corp’s levy or grant system to retrain or upskill your employees. Prior to sending your employees for training programmes, you have to apply for a training grant approval. Upon completion of the training programmes, you can claim a reimbursement for all expenses incurred. The amount allowed for reimbursement is subject to the approved amount or the actual expenses incurred, whichever is lower. Reimbursements can be made directly to the employer or the training provider, depending on the type of schemes selected.

30. Q: Why must my company pay the HRD levy? What do I get in return?

A: HRD Corp, through the PSMB Act 2001 imposes the collection of HRD levy through legal authority on liable employers in Malaysia. In return, the employers will receive financial assistance from the HRD levy paid, for training and development of their local employees.

By actively utilising the levy contributions, the employers are able to:

(a) Improve the quality, productivity and competitiveness of their employees. Investing in up-skilling your employees is important to survive in the current and future competition of the local and international market. If the companies aspire to export their products and services, they must prepare their workforce to meet the regional and global market’s requirements. The employers are able to choose different training schemes provided by PSMB in order to suit their business and HR strategies.

(b) Through Training Grant applications, employers are able to send their employees to training programmes that are required by the industry, meet industry-specific requirement and standards, for internal career development, succession planning or performance reward.

(c) With the HRD levy, the registered employers can establish a systematic and structured training plan for their workers. A training plan is a requirement for ISO-certified organisations.

(d) Gain access to continuous assistance from HRD Corp to help and support the HR Department and the employers themselves. Services include:

– Advisory and consultancy services from qualified consultants on all aspect of human resource management. The services are either on complimentary basis or charged a minimal cost to HRD Corp registered employers.

– Advisory services from HRD Corp officers on levy utilisation, registration or de-registration issues.

– Dissemination of news, circulars, events or any updates via HRD Corp e-mail, portal, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and/or letters.

(e) Gain access to special funds from the Government to HRD Corp for specific purposes from time to time. For example, to improve the productivity and competitiveness of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the Government may provide training incentives to the employers; to produce more skilled young workers after they leave school and the Government may offer the Apprenticeship Training Fund Scheme under the minimum wage.

(f) Opportunity to be nominated for the prestigious Human Resource Development Award as national recognition to employers who actively pay and utilise the HRD levy.

(g) Levy payment is considered as allowable expenses under the Income Tax Act, 1967. Hence, HRD levy is value-for-money for the registered employers.

31. Q: Now I know my company is liable under PSMB Act, 2001, to pay the HRD Levy every month, how do I register?

A: You can choose to register at

1) HRD Website or manual submission (form and supporting documents).

2) Arplus website (www.arplusgroup.com) or email us at carol@arplusgroup.com  or rien@arplusgroup.com 

Or, you may refer to HRD Corp Employer Journey Guide here: (https://hrdcorp.gov.my/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/HRDCorp_Employer_Journey_.pdf)

32. Q: How do I make payment if I am registering under HRD Program?

A: No payment required to be made, however, you are required to inform us or register together at Arplus website (www.arplusgroup.com) or email us at carol@arplusgroup.com or rien@arplusgroup.com 

33. Q: If my company do not want to register, what is the consequence?

A: Any employer to whom this Act applies and chose not to register with HRD Corp shall on conviction be liable to a fine not exceeding RM10,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year or to both (Section 13(2)).

34. Q: How can I get more information on HRD Corp as a Employer?

A: Employers can visit our portal at www.hrdcorp.gov.my and click “Employer” for more information. (https://hrdcorp.gov.my/employers)

Free Trial

35. Q: What is free trial?

A: Your trial only allows you to join the first class of the courses you signed up for (Lecturing, Sharing and/ or Grooming). Free trial provides you a chance to join our first class for free. However, free trial will not allow you to enjoy early bird promotion, installment package and add-on package services. If you start a free trial, you will not be eligible for other benefits or discounts provided. It will not provide you other information, recording, notes and etc for the free trial.

36. Q: Am I entitled for free trials? And when will I be officially charged?

A: Yes, you must have Internet access and a current valid accepted payment method as indicated during registration to use our service. Your Payment Method will be authorized when you signed up for free trial. The free trial period of your registration applicable only for the FIRST (non-recorded / recorded) class, or as otherwise specified during your consultation / registration. We will begin billing your Payment Method for the whole course of the semester at the end of the free trial class, unless you had cancelled no later than two (2) days after the end of the free trial period. 

Example, if the FIRST class is scheduled on 24 February 2024, you may cancel your subscription no later than 11.59pm of 26 February 2024, and there will no charges made against to your payment method. You will not receive a notice from us that your free trial period has ended or that the paying portion of your course has begun, on 27 February 2024.

37. Q: What happen when the free trials end?

A: Your trial will automatically renew onto a paid subscription for the course you signed up. Don’t worry, you’ll receive an email before your trial ends as a reminder. 

38. Q: What happen if I cancel after the free trials?

A: No charges will be accrued if you initiate cancellation within two (2) days following the conclusion of the free trial period including the day of the class that has conducted. Example: the class conducted on 2 February 2024, you attended the first class in 2 February 2024 as trial. You must cancel the class before 11.59pm of 4 February 2024 if you wish to withdraw from the class and stop the subscription.

After you request a cancel, your plan will be cancelled and you’ll no longer have access to the learning programs under your plan.

39. Q: What happen if I cancel 3 days after the free trials?

A: Oh no! We’re sad to let you go! Please login to My Account (click the top right corner) in www.arplusgroup.com and cancel your course under the subscription section.

At the same time, please immediately write in a request to us via email within 2 days after the class conducted, including the day of the class. Failure to cancel within this stipulated time frame will result in automatic charges for the entire payment package, as per the terms of your agreement. Please note that no reimbursement or refund will be issued under this circumstances.

40. Q: How does the payment works for free trials?

A: When you start your free trial, you’ll see a RM0 or RMx pending transaction on your payment method. This authorization is used by our payment processor to make sure that your payment method is valid. This amount will never be charged to your card. The authorization will disappear from your payment method within 5-7 business days. You won’t be charged for your subscription until your free trial ends. You can always check the status by login to My Account (click the top right corner of our website) in www.arplusgroup.com.